Bede Academy

Reflections on the Quality Mark Plus Experience

“Bede Academy is part of the Emmanuel Schools’ Foundation, with the shared mission to be: ‘Christian Ethos schools of character for the whole community.’.

We are delighted to have received the Quality Mark Plus in recognition of the emphasis that is placed on holistic character growth, which sits alongside the pursuit of academic excellence. As a ‘character-first’ foundation we strive to cultivate good character as an end in itself; this raises expectations and supports high levels of performance.

Our work is characterised by the pursuit of excellence as we seek to make the most of the gifts and talents we have been given. We believe in human beings’ outstanding potential, creativity and capacity for good as each one is made ‘in the image of God’. We also acknowledge we all need instruction, motivation and practice if we are to nurture the virtues underpinning good character. Our inspiration for these virtues of love, wisdom, courage, fairness, self-control, humility and integrity is the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.”

Bede Academy

Assessor Feedback

“The progress the school has made in the evolution and development of its character programme over the past 3 years is very impressive. The many ‘jigsaw pieces’ of character provision have been skilfully woven together to produce a mutually supporting picture of values-led provision which is having a sustained impact on behaviour, academic progress and personal well-being. The seamless transition of the character programme from the primary to secondary phase of the Academy is a real model of excellence.”

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