Ark Boulton Academy

Reflections on the Quality Mark Experience

“In being awarded a School of Character Quality Mark Plus, Ark Boulton has been rightly recognised as a school that believes character and virtue should be the heart of change.” Herminder Channa, OBE, Executive Principal

“The Ark Boulton family have worked together to share a language of virtues which forms the foundation of every interaction with children and peers; being awarded the Quality Mark Plus is credit to every member of staff.” Harleen K. Assi, Assistant Principal

“The application process was a valuable opportunity for us to celebrate our successes, but more importantly to identify the next steps on our journey in Character Education at Ark Boulton.” Simon Foster, Culture and Ethos lead


Assessor Feedback

“Exceptional Schools of Character are those that have a clear long term vision for how they will develop virtue in their students, and a roadmap of how to get there; that all stakeholders feel inspired to ‘get behind.’ This is evidently the case at Ark Boulton. The visionary and courageous leadership has completely transformed the school over the previous 5 years, and has put character and virtue at the heart of this change. This leadership is supported by a highly experienced governing team who have a clear understanding of the school’s next phase in its character programme. Character education provision should always reflect the needs of the local community and the children that the school serves. This principle was at the core of Ark Boulton’s character provision and is one of the many critical success factors for why the school is flourishing”