Continuous Professional Development and Leadership Support

Delivered in Person and Virtually

ACE aims to provide direct practical support and to build capacity within schools to enable them to embed character education across their whole community. Schools of Character report better behaviour, better attitudes to learning and higher levels of staff satisfaction and wellbeing.

Schools of Character are places where teachers and pupils flourish together. Our training package has evolved from world class research and the distillation of “best practice” derived from leading schools of character in the UK. Similarly, the Association is able to provide direct practical support to senior leaders in schools to enable them to compile a co-ordinated and context appropriate character programme suited to their school community.

ACE’s CPD is developed and delivered by Gary Lewis, ACE Chair and Honorary Research Fellow at the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue. Gary is a former Executive headteacher who has transformed schools through character, and is also an Advisor for the Department for Education on character education.

As ACE strives to provide the best possible offer to schools, we now work with each individual school to develop a training package that is right for them, and their staff team. We offer training in the following zones;

  1. Introduction to Character Education. What it is and Why it is Important.
  2. Leadership, Culture and Ethos
  3. Enabling Positive Behaviour and Attitudes, through Character and Virtue
  4. Character and the Curriculum. How to Integrate Character into Core Curriculum and Stand Alone Lessons.

Each school is at a different point on their journey of embedding character. Each school delivers their character education in a very different context and every school has staff with different levels of understanding of what character education is, and how it should be delivered. For this reason, we don’t try and have a “one size fits all” CPD package. Instead, we work to understand your training needs and affordability. Using the 4 zones above, we can then build the best value training package that meets the needs of your school.

Number of Training Sessions Cost per module Cost per module Cost per module Cost per module
(90 mins each) Small School
(up to 250 pupils)

Cost of each Training Session
Medium School
(250 – 500 pupils)

Cost of each Training Session
Large School
(500 + pupils)

Cost of each Training Session
1 £300 £350 £350 Discounts are made for multiple bookings through a MAT
2 £250 £300 £325 Discounts are made for multiple bookings through a MAT
3 £200 £250 £300 Discounts are made for multiple bookings through a MAT
4 £150 £200 £200 Discounts are made for multiple bookings through a MAT


“Thankyou. The feedback from Lancot staff has been endlessly positive – you’ve created quite a buzz! It was brilliant. Thank you very much. It’s a shame we couldn’t have had the two hour version!”

Jenny Fraser - Head of School, Lancot Challenger Academy

“The CPD delivered by Gary was first rate. It’s was a pleasure to be a part of and Gary’s passion for Character Education and it’s impact on the whole school community is infectious. Thank you for sharing your experience and time with the staff team. I’m sure it will prove invaluable as we develop ‘character’ at our school.”

Ryan, Selly Park Girls School

“The CPD provided by ACE was thoroughly engaging. Garys passion for Character education shone throughout the session and left me excited to walk down a corridor, with a smile and hello to all the pupils and staff.”

Sam, Selly Park Girls School

“The Introduction to Character and Education CPD given all of us a clear, solid foundation, on which to develop our Character Programme further. An excellent inspirational session thank you.”

Louise , Selly Park Girls School

Please contact Tom Haigh: We recommend 1 hour sessions for virtual-based delivery, which we can deliver at a reduced price.