Thoresby Primary School, Hull

Description of our character programme

Character development sits at the heart of our restorative ethos and permeates everything we do. It plays an important role in serving a highly transient and diverse community. 

Character Education does not explicitly feature on the timetable for it is integral to every lesson, every assembly, every affirmation in the corridor and play outside. It gives a structured framework and shared vocabulary and draws upon the latest proven research evidence. Character virtues have been a central element when reviewing and evaluating the curriculum in all subjects and are integral to all our medium term plans. We believe learning in every subject should be given an authentic purpose – with ample real-life opportunities for the children to test out their skills and characteristics.   

How we can help you

We are happy to;

  • host experience visits, so you can hear from staff and pupils first-hand what character development means to them.
  • offer support for your CPD either face to face or virtually.
  • offer help with Kitemark or Kitemark Plus applications

Our main piece of guidance is

Start with the ‘Why?’. What will character development bring to your school community? Help stakeholders understand the need to explicitly teach children the skills and characteristics they need for success in all areas of their life and become responsible citizens.

The main benefits of our character programme are

  1. Improvements in children’s academic and personal development.
  2. Belonging and contributing to a community with a shared goal.
  3. Clarity of vision and developing a positive school culture.

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