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Colmore Junior School, Birmingham 

Description of our character programme
We have 7 Key Principles which we aim to develop in our pupils. These are linked to performance, civic, moral and intellectual virtues. We pride ourselves on how we interpret the Jubilee Centres’ Building Blocks of Character and apply this to the primary curriculum.

This approach has affected the children’s social responsibility and is designed to take them on a journey towards practical wisdom. 

Transformational leadership sits at the heart of our programme and drives our culture and character education at Colmore Junior School.

How we can help you
We are able to support you to start your character journey and provide guidance on how to embed character in your school systems and ethos.

Our main piece of guidance is
Develop a programme which responds to the needs of your community and prepare for the change it will bring.

The main benefits of our character programme are

  1. Staff recruitment.
  2. Pupils’ personal development
  3. Links with great institutions who have similar mindsets and with whom you can collaborate

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Univeristy of Birmingham School,  Birmingham  

Description of our character programme
When the school was first opened in 2015 we placed Character Education at the core of what we do. We want our pupils to grow up to be flourishing citizens and to become purposeful members of their local and global communities. We want them to be able to draw on an education foregrounding character to help them develop their lifelong character journey as they become good sons and daughters, good neighbours and friends and eventually good parents, employers and employees. We follow the Jubilee Centre Framework for Character with a focus on character taught (through a bespoke learning for life curriculum), character caught (through deliberate staff CPD) and character sought (through our enrichment and leadership programmes). Character permeates all we do from policy to practice.

How we can help you
Our door is always open and we would love to share what we do so that we too can reflect on how far we have come and how far we still need to go! We can support you by providing the chance to:
  • come and look around, visit classrooms and talk to children.
  • see the resources we are developing for our character taught programme and use our ‘Character Sought’ resources to develop your own enrichment or extracurricular programmes.
  • organise a visit to your setting to see where you are in your own character journey and offer guidance and support
  • gain support/guidance for your School of Character Quality Mark applications.

Our main piece of guidance is
It is difficult to condense what we have learned into just one piece of guidance but our top 3 tips would be:

  • Schools are teaching character everyday, you just might not be calling it that!
  • Character education does not need to replace something else in the curriculum and it doesn’t require extra money just leadership and commitment.
  • Find your tribe – those who want to rethink the purpose of education through a character lens and start by doing one thing.

The main benefits of our character programme are
A deliberate and sustained focus on character has helped us to:

  1. enable staff to be clear about their role as moral educators and to be able to reflect on the differences they are making to children’s lives.
  2. instilled the sense that every interaction we have with children will shape their perspective of the world
  3. enables pupils to see kindness, curiosity, courage, resilience etc modelled daily.
  4. hold our pupils in the highest positive regard
  5. develop a practical language to talk to our children about who we want them to be, how we want them to act and how we want them to think about their place in their future.

University of Birmingham School

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