South West

Henley Bank High School, Gloucester 

Description of our character programme
Creating a Legacy is the underpinning principle of our character programme. Our approach is whole-school and embedded. 

A key feature is how our students strive to achieve values-based badges through a robust evidence-based approach. We are unique in that staff participate in this character building initiative too, as we believe role modelling is critical to developing character and virtue in our pupils. 

Our internally developed staff CPD has helped deepen their understanding of what it means to have good character. This has supported their growth as practitioners in character education.  

Our school has experienced transformational change and improvement, and character has been at the heart of this. 

How we can help you

  • Host character tours and experience visits
  • Talk at INSET days (dependant on date and location)
  • Support Character CPD
  • Virtual meetings to share our character journey and plans for next steps

Our main piece of guidance is
Get the staff to be part of the provision from the start. They are the driving force of getting your ideas up and running and can help get the community on board.

The main benefits of our character programme are

  1. Feeling of value and community for all staff and students in the school
  2. Increased participation in Clubs after school
  3. Supporting the aspiration and rise in Post 16 transition destinations

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