South West

Henley Bank High School, Gloucester 

Description of our character programme
Creating a Legacy is the underpinning principle of our character programme. Our approach is whole-school and embedded. 

A key feature is how our students strive to achieve values-based badges through a robust evidence-based approach. We are unique in that staff participate in this character building initiative too, as we believe role modelling is critical to developing character and virtue in our pupils. 

Our internally developed staff CPD has helped deepen their understanding of what it means to have good character. This has supported their growth as practitioners in character education.  

Our school has experienced transformational change and improvement, and character has been at the heart of this. 

How we can help you

  • Host character tours and experience visits
  • Talk at INSET days (dependant on date and location)
  • Support Character CPD
  • Virtual meetings to share our character journey and plans for next steps

Our main piece of guidance is
Get the staff to be part of the provision from the start. They are the driving force of getting your ideas up and running and can help get the community on board.

The main benefits of our character programme are

  1. Feeling of value and community for all staff and students in the school
  2. Increased participation in Clubs after school
  3. Supporting the aspiration and rise in Post 16 transition destinations

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Alumnis MAT

St Helen’s CofE Primary School, Bideford | Clinton CofE Primary School, Okehampton 

Description of our character programme
Character Matters! Across Alumnis Multi Academy Trust, Character is the foundation of everything we do. Within every class and school our Trust crafts a characterful and holistic curriculum that has a positive impact on the school community and continually strives to have a positive, flourishing impact on the wider community in which we all live. Our approach is based on research from the Jubilee Centre and our schools are committed to creating a culture where Character and virtues are caught, taught and sought; weaved through all elements of school life and reach out to all.

Unique to Alumnis Trust are our Inspiring Changemaker Challenges, where every child has the opportunity to put taught virtues into practice. We believe that truly strong characters develop when a virtue  is discovered and explored so it can be put into action. All of our children have opportunities to become inspiring researchers, speakers, fundraisers, volunteers, leaders, adventurers and skill builders as part of a characterful curriculum.

As a Trust of like minded characterful educators we are continually reflecting on the changing world in which we live and the impact this has on the schools in which we learn and teach. Our Character approach is weaved through policies and all elements of school improvement, it forms the basis of our recruitment and ongoing professional learning for all educators.

How we can help you
Alumnis MAT, as a Trust committed to character, has the capacity and desire to support other schools in beginning or continuing their own journey with Character Education, including:

•  A discussion about why character matters and the motivation for your school or Trust.
•  Sharing of strategic and operational expertise.
•  Visits to any of our schools to learn more about our approach.

Our main piece of guidance is
At Alumnis Trust developing our Character Approach is a journey that still continues to evolve but is firmly rooted in the core vision. A shared vision is key to developing effective Character provision within your own school(s). Exploring why Character matters and researching ways in which it can be implemented effectively is fundamental in developing your own approaches.  Time and space to reflect on current practice is essential.

The main benefits of our character programme are

  1. Our Character provision has been a Trust wide approach which each individual school has embraced and developed within its own individual setting. Leadership across the Trust fully supports the cultivation of characterful approaches at every level resulting in the whole school community benefiting from a collective vision and mission for education.
  2. Every classroom and every educator across the Trust has developed a shared character and virtue language that has resulted in greater collaboration and shared accountability, reflected in the curriculum design.
  3. Our approaches have seen our children (and staff) grow in a multitude of ways. Our Inspiring Changemaker Challenges have given children opportunities to take ownership of their learning, character and wellbeing.  Children can talk up and about their own character, articulating why character matters and its impact.

Alumnis Multi-Academy Trust 

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Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, Bournemouth

Description of our character programme
At Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, character education is at the heart of our ethos and mission. Our provision for character education is built upon the foundation of our school Gospel Virtues which reflect our school mission statement. We have developed an explicit programme for character education to develop pupil’s virtue literacy. Our approach to character actively promotes equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the wider curriculum and culture of the school. Pupils are encouraged to use a See-Choose-Act methodology in their mission to work for social justice, guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. We provide a range of pupil leadership opportunities which promote pupils’ autonomous pursuit of service.

How we can help you
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School is committed to sharing practice and supporting other schools on their journey with developing character education including:
● Sharing our process in forming a strategic vision and expertise from intent, implementation and impact in developing our whole school community’s  commitment to character development through caught, taught and sought approaches
● Sharing our design for an explicit programme of character education across whole school
● Character education in the wider curriculum promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, as a tool to reflect and challenge injustice
● Visits to our school to learn more about our approach

Our main piece of guidance is

One of the most crucial steps to success is to develop an integrated approach to character which incorporates both implicit and explicit approaches to character development. We believe that provision for character education is rooted in the school’s strategic vision and mission and is a firm foundation of the school’s ethos and culture

The main benefits of our character programme are

  1. At Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, character education is embedded as part of the core vision and ethos of the school
  2. We are invested in the development of virtue literacy for both pupils and staff
  3. We believe that developing an explicit programme of character education based on research-based pedagogy is key to effective character development
  4. Character education is reflected in the wider curriculum design and resources
    promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  5. A continued commitment to provision for high quality CPD for all staff and
  6. A variety of opportunities for pupil’s to acquire skills for leadership and the pursuit
    of service

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

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