North West

Wise Owl Trust, Greater Manchester

Description of our character programme
Our character education programme has been designed taking into consideration the most up to date research in the formation of character, coupled with advances in cognitive science. It is an approach that has seen demonstrable impact and is possibly designed to be more pertinent in schools within challenging contexts. Although the over-arching principles have been developed to good effect in a range of settings. We have also invested heavily in the work that we do with parents, recognising that character education starts within the home. We also have a programme to support students with their digital wisdom and preparation for the various challenges of transition.

How we can help you
We will be planning some set dates and times when you can come and visit our school with an opportunity to speak with Character leads, see lessons and have discussions. Our aim is to maximise on visitors at the same time so there is the dual benefit of meeting other schools from outside the Wise Owl Trust as well. Please contact us and we can let you know more. 

Our main piece of guidance is
The dedication to a shift in culture and mindset. There needs to be a commitment to the development of character education to ensure fidelity to whatever programme/policy/scheme of work the school introduces. My main message is that it must be shared and owned by the whole school community and is not a ‘tick-box’ exercise.

The main benefits of our character programme are

  1. Clarity in vision (culture) 
  2. Improvement in the students’ attitudes towards learning and their wellbeing (being able to understand themselves and be proud of who they are) 
  3. Engagement of parents and an improvement in their mindset.  

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