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Walthamstow Academy, London  

Description of our character programme
Everything we do at Walthamstow Academy is underpinned by our core values of ambition, determination and respect. Our values are interwoven into all of our policies, how we educate our students and how we develop our staff. We aim to develop our students’ character every day through lessons, tutor time, extra-curricular, homework and every conversation we have in the building.

How we can help you
We can offer Education with Character insight days (inc tours, meeting staff and students, meeting with Jess Capstick), happy to visit your school to support you and speak at INSET days as well. 

Our main piece of guidance is

  1. Visit another school with Kitemark or Kitemark+ to see it in action
  2. Download the Jubilee Centre framework and use to reflect on your current character provision and to write your action plan

The main benefits of our character programme are

  1. Our school is calmer and kinder.
  2. Student aspiration and ambition is stronger than ever.
  3. It has a tangibly improved student behaviour as their conduct is guided by their values rather than a behaviour policy.

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Yeading Junior School, London

Description of our character programme
Yeading Junior has a holistic approach to character development which permeates through the life and work of the school. It is woven through the curriculum and understood by all. A shared vision, set of chosen virtues, set deeply within the school’s ethos and a common language is the key to its success. Embedded Social Action related activities demonstrate how virtue literacy contributes to the children’s strong desire to make a difference for others. A dedicated programme relating to Social Action has been established. The school’s approach has developed over time and embraces the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue’s Framework for Character. Partnerships and parental engagement are significant features.

How we can help you
Yeading Junior School will offer visiting colleagues the opportunity to see virtue literacy in action. We will offer colleagues, in particular, the opportunity to experience our Agents of Change programme which demonstrates the outcomes of our embedded character development. Through this programme of Social Action visitors will clearly see how our young learners show their understanding, skill and passion for making a positive change for others whilst utilising their knowledge of character education.

  • Explore our programme and learn about what underpins it
  • Tour the school and see character development in action
  • Speak with young leaders within our programme
  • Undertake discussions with key staff
  • View programmes in action and learn how the language of virtue is expressed across all areas of the school   
  • Sharing resources, staff training and links to character development will enhance your visit. 
  • We are able to share the school’s documentation that supports our own character development. 
  • We will offer talks and contribution to INSET sessions for professionals 

Presentations would include the following: 

  1. embedding character across the school
  2. engaging parents in character development
  3. demonstrating outcomes through learning, positive behaviour and action

It would be helpful if colleagues wish to visit to schedule dates in the calendar beforehand however we will also be flexible in terms of enquiries or expressions of interest.

Our main piece of guidance is
For character development to be successful it should involve all stakeholders committing to it.  The engagement of the leadership team and governors is paramount from the outset.  Parents have an important role to play and research is instrumental for its advancement for staff.   High quality professional development needs to be maintained.  It is also important to look at the guidance from ACE and the successes as well as outcomes from the exemplar Kitemark schools.  

The main benefits of our character programme are

  • Commitment to Character Education
  • The commitment of all stakeholders within school has been vital to the success of our character development. 
  • We have committed Governors who work with skill and interest both in school and beyond to enhance development and support existing work. Parents have embraced the work of the school and commit to the virtues that are embedded within our ethos. Teachers and other staff are also committed to their own continuing personal development within our character journey whilst also demonstrating their own personal commitment to a character driven curriculum both inside and outside school. 
  • Recruitment 
  • We have recognised that teaching in a school of character has been an important factor for teachers when selecting a new role. 
  • Impact on the children
  • Children have keenly sought to drive elements of character at a young leader level within the community and clearly share the work with their families.  All children have wholly embraced all aspects of character development.  They recognise the impact it is having on themselves and others.

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