The Regis School

Reflections on the Quality Mark Experience

“Ensuring our students are productive young adults, kind citizens and lifelong learners is at the heart of The Regis School vision. For this reason, we put developing the character of our students at the centre of what we do. Our Regis 10 values are in the schools DNA and through them we teach our community about characteristics such as respectfulness, resilience, kindness, creativity and independence. The Quality Mark process has enabled us to reflect on our education with character provision, and look deeply at the best examples nationally, so we can strive to improve what we do. The comprehensive audit tools, not only helped us see where we were, but gave us insight and inspiration for our next steps. Perhaps most usefully, the process has connected us with a community of like-minded schools, where we can learn from each other, in the best interests of our students. We are looking forward to working with the Association of Character Education and affiliated schools going forward.”

Assessor Feedback

“All Schools of Character have an ethos that has been intentionally and consciously formed through the school’s leadership. The Regis School is exceptional in the clarity that this ethos has. It has shaped the culture so it is lived within the school and informs how staff and pupils communicate, behave and conduct themselves. There is also a strong commitment to listening to pupils and parents, analysing what is said and then responding with definitive action. Serving a community which experiences disadvantage, it is clear that the school’s character programme has been designed to increase levels of social mobility and ensure that any disadvantage isn’t a barrier to the pupils’ flourishing.”