The Malling School

Reflections on the Kitemark Experience

“We were proud and delighted to be awarded the status of a School of Character in September 2020. However, we were equally determined to continue on our journey of placing character education at the heart of everything we do as a school and wanted our work to be recognised as a School of Character Plus. In addition to our work that resulted in our accreditation as a School of Character, we actioned the recommendations, collaborative approach and support from ACE, and Gary Lewis in particular, and worked hard to ensure that character education and our core values, which we refer to as ‘The Malling School Way’, was further embedded in our staff induction programme, KS2 to KS3 student transition programme, parental engagement activities and reflected in every subject area in our school, rather than just our Personal Development & Character Education curriculum. As a result of this work we were incredibly proud and delighted to be awarded status as a School of Character Plus in July 2021.”

Assessor Feedback

“Staff were consistent and confident in being able to describe the many aspects of the school’s provision, which have evolved to enable the school to be awarded this higher level of Kitemark. Teachers were very clear regarding the focus from the senior leadership on a “360 degree” values led approach, which is now permeating provision for both staff and students alike. It was particularly pleasing to note that teachers at all levels in their career were prepared to take risks as they were absolutely confident in the positive support that would be forthcoming from senior leaders. This culture enables staff to tackle issues with confidence and competence and has resulted in an environment where staff offer training and support to each other as a matter of course,”

Best Practice Kitemark Resources