Stoke Damerel Community College

Reflections on the Quality Mark Experience

“The kitemark is incredibly prestigious and we are extremely proud of it.

Our character curriculum is instilling in our students the character and virtues that are needed for life. It is important that our young people learn and practice behaviours that reflect ethical values, that they become conscious of the right thing to do. We are developing young people’s character inside and outside of the classroom to build the attributes that help them to live successful lives. It also helps them to develop the right skills for the challenges posed by an increasingly tough world.

The assessment visit enabled us to demonstrate the work that has been put into our character curriculum as well as giving our students and staff the opportunity to talk about the impact that it has had on them. We feel incredibly proud that the assessors recognised the strengths of our character curriculum and accredited us as a School of Character, as well as giving us guidance on how to develop our program in the future.”

Assessor Feedback

“SDCC has developed a co-ordinated and carefully planned Character Programme which is designed to impact all aspects of academic and pastoral growth. It is always reassuring to visit a school where values and a genuine commitment to character education is being gradually placed at the core of all activities and provision and clearly modelled by the Headteacher and other senior leaders. The school has provided very extensive co-curricular opportunities for students and this programme is very effectively supported by committed staff who take every opportunity to reinforce the Colleges clearly stated values of Aspire, Achieve and Thrive.”