Hodge Hill Girls School

Reflections on the Quality Mark Experience

“At Hodge Hill Girls’ School we firmly believe that having good character enables individuals to thrive, be the very best they can be and make better choices in life. Our vision, values and ethos are at the heart of all we do in school and provide a strong foundation upon which all members of our school community can flourish both individually and as global citizens.

We are very proud to be a School of Character and found the accreditation process to be supportive and insightful. The feedback from our assessors was invaluable and we are very much looking forward to working with the Association for Character Education further as we plan our next steps and continue our accreditation journey.”

Hodge Hill Girls' School Image

Assessor Feedback

“Hodge Hill Girls’ School has made significant progress on its journey of embedding character and values across the school. This progress has been driven by a leadership that is determined to equip all students with the qualities and attributes which are necessary to thrive in life. The stakeholder consultation process to establish the school’s 5 Pride values was extensive and thorough providing a strong foundation. Assessors found opportunities enabling ‘Character Sought’ are impressive and designed to develop character virtues and pupil leadership. Resources built around the school’s stand-alone character provision are outstanding, well researched and grounded in moral theory.”