Floreat Wandsworth Primary School

Reflections on the Quality Mark Experience

“At Floreat Wandsworth Primary School, we have a strong focus upon supporting and nurturing our pupils’ character virtues. We believe that mastering character virtues is essential to success in later life and enriches children with the skills that they will need to flourish beyond their time at Floreat. We teach character through a taught vs. caught approach. In addition to a discrete Character curriculum, we have introduced measures to encourage our children’s demonstrations of character throughout the school day, through certificates and House Points.

Our experience of the ACE Quality Mark process has been highly positive. The assessment of our school’s approach to character was conducted in a highly nurturing and supportive way, with clear indications of how we can further refine this area of our curriculum. We are thoroughly looking forward to sharing our expertise and knowledge with other schools interested in getting involved in Character Education.”

Assessor Feedback

“Floreat Wandsworth Primary School has been built around character since the school’s inception and Aristotelian theories of flourishing and virtue provide its underpinning philosophy. Having character as one of its three faculties ensures that it is a central component in the school’s ethos and isn’t a bolted-on extra. The character education at the school benefits from a clear structure comprised of the three zones (Culture & Training, Virtue Literacy and Service Learning). These three zones mirror character taught, caught and sought, ensuring the school not only teaches character and virtue but also provides those vital experiences for pupils to develop it as well. This framework is reflected in the structure of the school’s website and sub-site Floreatprogramme.org.uk, both of which are exceptional in terms of communicating the embedded whole-school approach to character education.”