Entelechy Academy

Reflections on the Quality Mark Experience

“We focus our provision on character and how character enables learners to become their potential in work and life. Aimed at those looking to maximise career opportunities, from apprenticeship through to leadership, character is at the core of what we do. Going through the ACE Organisation of Character accreditation demonstrates our desire to live our learning in our culture.”

Assessor Feedback

“Entelechy has listened to the voices of industry and business, and understands the need to enable learners to develop character, as well as learn technical skills. Their provision has a clear premise that the learner needs to be able to understand and demonstrate who they are, as well as what they can do. This mission is not only being implemented through a well-designed online platform, but through stakeholder engagement at a government level. Developing a national framework that provides consistency to the Apprenticeship Behaviour Standards, whilst linking them explicitly to character qualities, is to be applauded. It is clear that Entelechy is taking students beyond doing the right thing in order to comply with a set of professional behaviour standards, and instead developing their character so decision-making is guided by inner virtue.”