Eastfield Primary School

Reflections on the Quality Mark Experience

Eastfield Primary School are immensely proud to have been awarded the Quality Mark Plus. Our curriculum is bespoke to our pupils and it aims to build on what has previously been taught and learned to ensure that academic achievement, physical and mental well-being, growth of character and personal development are intrinsically linked for the purpose of equipping our pupils with firm foundations of the requisite knowledge, skill and strength of character needed to be successful in life. Our ‘SMART Values’ are set out to drive the curriculum and provide all stakeholders with explicit understanding of the school’s vision in securing quality of education for all pupils. The HCAT signature and its five strategic pillars, underpin the core values for all stakeholders in our community and our SMART values harness all the core values for pupils. We are really pleased to have our dedication to character education recognised and look forward to working with the Association for Character in the future.
Karen Barkworth, head of school at Eastfield Primary School.

Eastfield Primary School

Assessor Feedback

The school’s ethos is underpinned by five core values (SMART) that permeate all aspects of the school’s curriculum and personal education provision. It is equally clear that these SMART values are reflected in relationships and discussions at all levels and that both children and staff are confident in expressing how they deeply influence the life of the school. Even very young students were able to relate their behaviours and personal interactions to the school’s stated values and understood their personal responsibility in “making the right choices.” The school had invested heavily in all its staff inputting into it’s character education strategy and as a result the whole school community was bought in.

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