Project Description

Northampton Academy

“We are very proud to receive this Kitemark on behalf of the students of Northampton Academy. We recognised some time ago that sustainable change in our community can only come through the students themselves having a good moral compass and a strong sense of their own values; and that this is something that we need to consciously and systematically develop and track, rather than leaving to chance. We are delighted to have our progress recognised but even more pleased that we are able to access a wider network of professionals for advice, guidance and support on our journey. We look forward to continuing to work with Jubilee Centre in the future”

Nat Parnell, Principal

Tom Harrison was one of those involved in reviewing the schools progress towards its status as a School of Character and commented that;

“It is evident that the school’s values were thought out carefully and debated by all stake holders, including pupils, before being adopted. Experience and research has shown that the senior leadership of the school is a key determinant in ensuring that a successful character programme impacts on both attainment, modelled values and pupils’ well-being. The Principal and his Vice-Principal are passionate about driving the character agenda and the Academy is commended for adding to this strong senior leadership with the recent appointment of a Director of Character, tasked with ensuring that all development plans are impregnated with a strong commitment to values-driven education. His role will be vital in driving the character education agenda both within the school and outwards to the local community which it serves, including parents.”