Project Description

Kings Langley School

“Kings Langley School was delighted to receive the recognition afforded by the ACE Kitemark+ commendation for Character Education. There is little doubt that the Department for Education and Ofsted realise that the UK needs to focus on the overall quality of education offered to our students and to move away from the limited narrow focus of examination performance on its own as a reliable metric for preparing students and the national economy for the obvious challenges which lie ahead. Kings Langley School will continue to strive to ensure that all its students have the wisdom, common sense and determination of spirit to flourish in both their personal and professional lives.”

Gary Lewis, Headteacher

Tom Harrison was one of those involved in reviewing the schools progress towards its status as a School of Character and commented that;

“The character education mission of the school is clear. There is a well articulated understanding of the link between character education and other school priorities (including attainment, behaviour and employability). Teachers and pupils were both able to explain why they saw character to be more than these prioritises alone – linking the development of character to moral development and wider societal flourishing.”