Project Description

Aylesford School

“We really are creating an education that builds character. These are character strengths that our stakeholders, parents, students, staff and governors all voted for as the strengths that our students need to be successful in life. We believe it is important for students to develop good character in order to be successful academically, professionally and within their community. If all people had developed good character skills the world would be a much better place for us to live.

We are really proud to receive the Character Kitemark award which recognises our outstanding contribution to developing students character and the hard work of our staff and students – we were delighted to be only one of four schools nationally to be accredited with this award.”

Ms Tanya Kelvie, Headteacher

Mr Benjamin Miller was one of those involved in reviewing the schools progress towards its status as a School of Character and commented that;

“The leadership and commitment provided by the Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher, governors and the Executive Headteacher and key members of staff has created a community in which children of all aptitudes are provided with good opportunities to flourish and grow in an environment enriched by a set of well-understood and articulated values.”