Good character is the basis for individual and societal flourishing.

ACE is a not for profit membership organisation.  It is a community for schools, organisations and individuals interested in character education to share expertise and practice.  The organisation supports schools, teachers and other educationalists to develop and promote character education responses that enable young people and societies to flourish.

It does this by:

  • Supporting teachers and other educators to develop a vision and strategy for the enhancement of character education in their school / organisation
  • Demonstrating the value of character education to teachers, other educational professionals, policy makers, parents, employers and other interested parties
  • Raising the profile of character education in the U.K. and demonstrating its effectiveness at supporting other whole school aims including attainment, behaviour and careers.

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ACE membership runs annually from the date of joining

  • Individual £50

  • Organisation (other than a school or college) £75

  • Small/Primary (up to 250 pupils) £50

  • Medium/High School (250 – 500 pupils) £100

  • Large/High School (500 + pupils ) £150

  • Trust 20% off if all Schools sign up

“… we are also exploring how schools could be recognised or accredited for the work they have done in this area. I know that the Association of Character Education is doing some very interesting developments in this space.”

Damian Hinds
Secretary of State

ACE Kitemarks

ACE awards four kitemarks which provide recognition for character education delivered by schools, colleges and organisations.

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School of Character Kitemark

The Kitemark or Kitemark Plus is awarded to schools and colleges that can demonstrate that they take an explicit, planned and reflective approach to the cultivation of positive character qualities in their pupils in the interests of human flourishing.

There are two levels of award:

  • School of Character Kitemark.

  • School of Character Kitemark Plus.

The process of being awarded one of the Kitemarks is formative; it is designed to help schools or colleges develop and enhance their character education provision. As such, the aim of the award is not just the recognition of good practice, but also to support schools to develop desirable character qualities that contribute to individual as well as broader societal flourishing. Schools or colleges applying for one of the Kitemarks initially undertake a self-evaluation against four criteria.

At ACE we understand that affordability levels vary between schools and we are keen that cost isn’t a barrier when applying for the kitemark. If this is an issue for your school or college please contact tom.haigh@character-education.org.uk

Please note you must be a current ACE Member to apply.

Kitemark Information Pack
Kitemark Application Form
International Kitemark

Following the development of a virtual assessment process for the Schools of Character kitemark, ACE will now be accepting Kitemark applications from schools and colleges anywhere in the world.

  • Small/Primary (up to 250 pupils) Kitemark £750

  • Medium/High School (250 – 500 pupils) Kitemark £900

  • Large/High School (500 + pupils ) Kitemark £950

Contact Us

For more information on ACE, the Annual Conference or Membership, please contact us using our form. Alternatively email us: admin@character-education.org.uk or phone us: 0800 009 6627.

Please direct all School of Character Kitemark inquiries to Tom Haigh: tom.haigh@character-education.org.uk or phone: 0777 197 1703.