Linda Sanders

Linda Sanders is the Head of the Laurels School, a new independent school in London for girls aged 11 to 18. Central to the ethos of the school is the belief that each child has the ability to develop and grow and fulfil their potential through the cultivation of moral, intellectual and social virtues. Linda Sanders has worked in education for over twenty-five years and before returning to the UK she was part of the senior management team of a prestigious independent girls’ school in Spain. Her experience in schools of a similar ethos to the Laurels School means she is uniquely placed to head this exciting new educational project. She also helped to establish a highly successful independent school for girls in Lima, Peru. She has delivered innumerable workshops for parents and teachers on different aspects of character education and has trained teachers on how to coach pupils in virtue education. Over the years she has tutored hundreds of pupils herself and has witnessed the positive and empowering effect it has on young people’s lives. Young women are especially vulnerable in a society which demands ‘perfection’ on all fronts. A well thought out character education programme helps them to develop a sense of self-worth and resilience which equips them not just to make a living but to live a fulfilled and happy life; Linda Sanders is a passionate advocate of an education which encompasses the whole person and looks to how, through a sense of service and mission, they can aspire to a life of personal fulfilment and real purpose.