Project Description

Yate Academy

Reflections on the Kitemark Experience

“I am delighted that Yate Academy has been recognised as a school of character. Although examination results are important, our school is about much more than that. Our aim is to make every child in our care the very best version of themselves through nurturing talent, channelling creativity, exposing ambition and competing for excellence. As such we are committed to providing excellence in Sport and the Arts. We are also very proud of the number of opportunities our students get through trips and experiences, to develop their confidence and wider understanding of the world.”
Ms Isabel Ambrose, Headteacher

Yate Academy

Assessor Feedback

“The Schools of Character Kitemark is awarded to schools that can demonstrate that they take an explicit, planned and reflective approach to the cultivation of positive character qualities in their pupils in the interests of human flourishing. Yate Academy is a terrific example and it is with great pleasure that we welcome the School with a proven strength at developing the character of their young people.”

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