Project Description

Woodbrook Vale School

Reflections on the Kitemark Experience

“We were delighted to share our Woodbrook Vale School vision and values with our colleagues from the Association of Character Education. These are predicated on the fundamental belief that every child is entitled to a fully rounded education where the content of their character is prized as highly as their academic outcomes. Young people deserve to be challenged to develop their own internal value system that will see them through their whole lives; enabling them to do the right thing even when no one is looking! We pride ourselves on always seeking a moral perspective and insisting on high standards of personal development. During their visit, The Association of Character Education, provided us with the affirmation and encouragement we needed to keep reaching for our ideal. It was most welcome to hear our passion and philosophy were shared so readily and their thoughtful advice will help to drive us forward. Thank you.”
Rachael Fraser, Headteacher

Woodbrook Vale School

Assessor Feedback

“Woodbrook Vale is committed to preparing their pupils to flourish now, and in their future. It’s impressive character programme; ‘The Futures Award,’ is embedded across all of school life. It provides a framework which meets the needs of their pupils, and their local context. The integration of an innovative Futures Award digital app, allows teachers and leaders to take a tailored approach for each of their pupils. The Award gives pupils a clear journey in the development of their character, as they progress through the school. Like other Kitemark schools, Woodbrook has some fantastic best practice in character education.”

Best Practice Kitemark Resources