Project Description

Kings Langley School

Reflections on the Kitemark Experience

“I would fully recommend applying for the Kitemark award, to any school that would value external assessment of the success of their approach to character and support in further embedding and developing what they do. We gained so much useful feedback and ideas for taking our character education model to the next level. The rigorous but extremely supportive and friendly approach of our assessors, challenged our thinking by asking key questions, gave us useful vindication of key parts of our journey as well as providing specific points to consider as we take the next steps.”

Kings Langley School

Assessor Feedback

The character education mission of the school is clear. There is a well articulated understanding of the link between character education and other school priorities (including attainment, behaviour and employability). Teachers and pupils were both able to explain why they saw character to be more than these prioritises alone – linking the development of character to moral development and wider societal flourishing.

Best Practice Kitemark Resources