Project Description

British Exploring Society

Reflections on the Kitemark Experience

“Receiving recognition from ACE is hugely helpful and we are proud to be awarded it. It has provided rigorous re-assurance of our effectiveness. We are committed to supporting lasting character development – but this may not be clear to those who see us as purveyors of exotic adventure. This award underlines our core purpose – to help build stronger futures for young people including those most likely to be disadvantaged.”
Honor Wilson-Fletcher, CEO

British Exploring Society

Assessor Feedback

“Hearing directly from children and young people who benefit from an organisation’s provision, provides some of the strongest insights into the effectiveness of a charity’s character education. Young people who have worked with British Exploring Society consistently shared experiences of inner transformation. Assessors found a programme of activity that harnessed the power of nature and expedition to develop autonomy and responsibility. The development of character was not left to chance. The My Compass Framework, along with strong coaching skills in staff and volunteers, ensured character, virtue and reflection were explicitly explored. ”