Project Description

Amazing People Schools

Reflections on the Kitemark Experience

“Amazing People Schools is absolutely thrilled to have been recognised by ACE with a Company of Character kitemark. We have developed and built all we do around character, and worked very hard to ensure it is truly embedded. The process was so well-designed, worked brilliantly and was a very positive experience for us as a team. The kitemark adds huge value to our organisation. We felt so well supported by ACE throughout and found the feedback that came from the process really positive and useful. We were also really pleased that teachers and students that benefit from our resources could also be part of his important process.”
Frances Corcoran, Managing Director

Amazing People Schools

Assessor Feedback

The real evidence that demonstrates an organisation is a Company of Character comes from speaking directly to those teachers and pupils that benefit from their provision. Headteachers and pupils were emphatic about the power of the APS programme in developing character and virtue. Through high quality resources, the programme uses the stories of inspiring people to nurture the development of character and purpose in children and young people. Assessors were particularly impressed by the versatility of the programme and how it can be adapted to assemblies, integrated into core curriculum, as well as being suitable for standalone lessons. From this perspective APS can play a strong role in supporting schools take a whole-school approach to their character provision.