Inspiring Purpose: Global Citizens in the Making

Inspiring Purpose is a well established character discovery activity for young people 10-16. We use a digital template to engage young people in an educational process that helps them to define their purpose and their goals which is well aligned with Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland, and works well with SMSC in England. Over the years the programme has proven to enhance their self-knowledge and self-awareness, as well as encouraging them to search for inspiration and define their aspirations for the future. More than 300,000 young people have taken part over the last ten years.

How to complete the programme

    1. Review the available templates and choose your preferred format (below)
    2. Read through the programme instructions: download here
    3. Download and review our resources, including suggestions and recommended activities for implementing the programme: download here
    4. Once your pupils have completed the project use the ‘celebration pack’ to revisit some of the main principles about the link between good character and developing a sustainable future as well as celebrating their work: download here

We encourage teachers to utilise platform like Google Classrooms and Microsoft Teams to deliver the programme.


Google Slides

How to edit: Click the button ‘Get Access’ button below. Open in click File – Make a copy – Entire Presentation.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Power Point