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Ofsted Framework - Kitemark Application

The year has got off to a great start as the new Ofsted framework, under consultation, will require all schools in England to show how they are developing character if they are to be rated good or outstanding in the personal development category. This means all schools will be required to explicitly demonstrate how they develop the character of their pupils. The advice for for personal development states that schools must show how they are 'developing pupils’ character, the set of positive personal traits, dispositions and virtues that informs their motivation and guides their conduct so that they reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate consistently well with others. This gives pupils the qualities they need to flourish in our society'.

Schools interested in demonstrating how they meet this requirement might consider applying for the Schools of Character Kitemark or Kitemark plus administered by ACE.  By gaining the Kitemark you are able to demonstrate how you meet the following grade descriptors:
Outstanding (1) - The way the school goes about developing pupils’ character is exemplary and is worthy of being shared with others.
Good (2) -  The curriculum and the school’s wider work support pupils to develop character.

The Kitemarks have undergone a successful pilot in 2018 and is now open to any schools interested in applying for it.  An information and application pack for the Kitemark can be downloaded here.

 Schools of Character   Information Pack Page 01

Download the information pack now:

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